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Google vs the Second Law

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I was teaching during the panel yesterday that was called “Is Google Good” — I swear I read it as “Is Google God?” so did Justin Watt when he posted to the attendees.

This reminded me that when I was at FOO Camp this past weekend with several Google and Gmail folks. Candidly one recalled the two Google corporate commandments: Don’t Be Evil and Don’t Suck. Now that Google is a publicly held company (sorta I think the founders and friends are still the majority by far), the Googlist wondered just how long they could continue without sucking — 6 months, 6 years, 60 years? Of course, he was hoping for the 60 years, but opined that all companies will eventually suck.

Talk turned to times when Apple (whose folks were also in attendance including some serious ex-Applers) did and did not suck.

Is there a meantime to sucking measure (M2S) once a company goes public?

I refer you to the Second Law of Thermodynamics

2 Responses to “Google vs the Second Law”

  1. justin says:

    i would restate as “meantime to suckage”

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