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How to write a successful SlashDot article

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  1. Start with a provocative title.
  2. Better if it’s really two topics or more mashed together.
  3. Begin with incendiary and possibly inaccuate sentence.
  4. Use slightly complex syntax.
  5. Then mangle the sentences further.
  6. Link to sites with low bandwidth so they will complain of /. effect.
  7. Link to sites that are non-English or are poor translations from non-English.
  8. Attack some company, country, state or university with an indirect slap.
  9. Perform the slap in a way that posters must explain to each other.
  10. Perform the slap in such a way that the university’s defenders and rivals feel that they must explain it at length.
  11. Include typos. If you leave them out, /. editors will introduce them for you.
  12. End by asking for posters input.
  13. Including puns will do no good with posters or editors as /.ers rarely notice them. You should try a few any way for your own amusement.

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  1. Smon Spero says:

    Your teh lamez0r. 60Dz|110r pwns u.

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