Louis Round Wilsock is the name of Meg McKee’s sock monkey. Going to check out my prize now. Sorry collegues, you should think twice before entering a naming contest in which one of the other constestants has a MFA. I am a certified creative ;->

My prize is a made-by-Meg custom sock monkey! Very nice. But now she needs a name. Photo forthcoming. She’s sitting atop a deskframe at the entry to ibiblio now.

Meg reminded me that I also won the runner-up with the name “Beverly SILS” That works fine for this monkey…

4 Responses to “I Win the Sock Monkey Naming Contest”
  1. Simon Spero says:

    What can you call such a proud member of the academy but “Sockrates”?

  2. sally says:

    At a wedding shower once I won a contest for thinking of the most words that have the word “sock” in them. My mother thought I cheated with the word “cassock”–thought I was making an illegal play on “Cossack.” But I knew my Anglican vestments.

  3. Anyone whom has a Sock Monkey,are all winners!

  4. cossacks says:

    The Real Paul Jones I Win the Sock Monkey Naming Contest great article thank you.

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