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ibiblio final move to MCNC tonight

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Don spells out the details on the ibiblog. Briefly, parts of ibiblio will be off-line this evening. After that and before Saturday morning, we’ll no longer have ibiblio servers hosted at UNC-CH. All of ibiblio will be hosted at MCNC. Why?: Better. Cheaper. Faster. And more reliable.

2 Responses to “ibiblio final move to MCNC tonight”

  1. Mark Turner says:

    Hey Paul, is this the biggest upheaval Ibiblio has ever gone through?

  2. Paul says:

    Depends on what you call upheaval. Back in 1996, we had a massive disk failure with little or no backup. That was def an upheaval. I had just left for a year in Virginia.

    This one will be very smooth. Many ibiblio services are already at MCNC and are working great.

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