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IBM Web 2.0 Conference

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I can’t be there at the IBM Web 2.0 conference; I get to teach at 2 pm today.

But Ken and Don are there and are blogging about it now. Don here at to-karvuvu trumps to-kabinana. And Ken at Shiny Distraction.

2 Responses to “IBM Web 2.0 Conference”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Web 2.0 event, Paul — and pointing to the blogs by Ken and Don. Hope they liked it. FYI this event also has been blogged by the ‘Net-Savvy Executive.’ Also, the same Web 2.0 goes to work event is happening in Austin next week, so there’s one more chance to win an iPhone ;-)

  2. Paul says:

    By the time, I pay to get to Austin — as much as I love it there — I could have bought another iPhone ;->

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