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In Denver. Not too heroic.

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Both of the finalists from UNC remained finalists at the Computerworld program Monday night. Sally has the story and pictures on her blog.
I’m in Denver for the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries and trying to adjust to the time zone changes. Staying at the Cosmos Club made me very sleepy. Now I’m in your standard issue Marriott in the middle of Denver. You can see the mountains from here tho.
John Reuning and his poster were supposed to have been here before me, but somehow his flights were completely messed up. (He’ll have a good tale to tell I’m sure). He’s still not here as of Wednesday morning.
Megan Barrett presented at the Doctoral Consortium and was walking around with a surprise gift of an iPod for her good work.

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  1. jackson fox says:

    Hope the weather in Denver is better than it was last week!

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