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Information Overload Research Group Webinar #noemail

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Yesterday, Luis Suarez (IBM Europe), Robert Shaw (Blue Kiwi & ATOS) and I did a webinar for the Information Overload Research Group on “How can business survive without e-mail at all?”

The webinar is captured here by Charlie Davidson of Attensa (and IORG). Nice moderation was provided by Marty Bariff of Illinois Institute of Technology.

The slides I created for my part of the talk are here:

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  1. [...] As such, it looks like we are ignoring people, but, most worrying, we are ignoring their conversations and their rapid, free access to information in order to make better decisions, without having to handle additional frictions. Have you measured the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours we spend every year just processing attachments or shared documents, when, for instance, we could have used that precious time for something much more relevant and insightful? Don’t worry, I know it’s just too mind-boggling to even think about that, but you know what I mean. Yes, indeed, “The root of suffering is attachment” – The Buddha, as my good friend, Prof. Paul Jones wonderfully stated a few days back. [...]

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