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iPhone line starts here

Paul, · Categories: General

get behind me! My old school Treo is malfunctioning just in time to justify my getting in the iPhone line.

5 Responses to “iPhone line starts here”

  1. BrianR says:

    I want an iPhone too but my contract with another cell provider isn’t up yet…
    Ruby just got a new treo for -$100 on Amazon. By starting a new contract.

  2. Jonathan Mills says:

    I’ll see you there. Ken’s children are holding me a place in the line…

  3. You don’t mean an actual queue do you? You know, standing in the sun? The Treo is by all accounts a nice device, but I’ve pretty much decided that Palm is a dead-end. They haven’t really created anything innovative in years, and squandered their lead in a product niche they invented and popularized.

    The only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone is no voice recognition. Although the touch interface on the iPhone looks brilliant, its much easier to just say “call paul jones” on my RAZR.

  4. WillR says:

    Maybe Southpoint will crank up the snow machines (though, from all the hype, Apple might be doing the greatest snow job ever ;-) ).

    I was hoping the iPhone would be a good entry point into the smart phone world but considering the reviews trundling out and its steep, steep price, I’m going to wait for iPhone 1.1.

    I’ll be sure to drop by and visit you in line if I’m out that way…

  5. WillR says:

    Looks like a real long line is forming at Southpoint – NOT! These guys don’t expect much of a rush – no ones camping out overnight…

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