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John Edwards on Podcast 411

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Rob W of Podcast 411 features Senator and Vice Presidental candidate Johnn Edwards on his most recent show. Senator Edwards talks about his own podcasts done at his home with his family and post them on his website, One America Committee dot Org.
Note: Rob and Senator Edwards are speaking via Skype (voice over IP).
Rob also gives mention to the being planned here with Brian Russell in the lead of the planning. (Check it out).

2 Responses to “John Edwards on Podcast 411”

  1. Smon Spero says:

    His podcasting was also covered on last night’s daily show…

  2. Keeme says:

    Adam, This pod-casting was the best thing EVER (well except for that sex thing). Rob is the best and it is so cool you mentioned him on your show… this is the first time I have ever been here and what do I find… MY BUDDY being mentioned. WOW. Rock on kitty gatos!

    The Keeme

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