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Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust

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Last night, with much pomp — our faculty in their finest academic regalia; even me –, the Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust was initiated with the induction of the following members:

2 Responses to “Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust”

  1. justin says:

    Holy cow. Is there any more information about what this is? Google is silent.

  2. Paul says:

    The Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust is an almost secret society. This was the first meeting ever. There will be press out soon and there will be google-able findings soon after. In the meantime, you are among the lucky few to know of the LRWKT. There will be a European meeting and induction in March in Spain.

    Louis Round Wilson founded not only the UNC Library which was named after him during his lifetime — he lived to be over 100 — but also the School of Library Science and the UNC Press. But wait! There’s more!

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