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Lyceum 1.0 Released!

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JJB and ibiblio are “extremely proud and excited to announce Lyceum 1.0. We’ll be talking more about the larger Lyceum landscape [on the Lyceum blog] over the next several days.”

For now, here’s a list of improvements since 0.34:

* Synchronized with WordPress 2.0.11
* Even greater plugin and theme compatibility with WordPress
* Improved and expanded search functionality
* Vastly improved interface for assigning permissions to users
* More complete set of system-admin tools for managing users and blogs
* Ability to restrict number of blogs a user can create
* Refined admin interface layout
* Performance optimizations, some of them very significant for large installations
* Bundled plugins: Lyceumified Akismet, Creative Commons wpLicense
* Dozens of bug fixes

3 Responses to “Lyceum 1.0 Released!”

  1. Congratulations on hitting the big 1.0! I’ll have to give it a spin over the next few weeks!

  2. Tejas says:


    I installed lyceum on my site.
    Now i want Security should be set up in such a way that random visitors cannot create new blogs.
    Only the administrator can create new blogs.
    So for this stuff what should i do?
    Can you please help me in this set up?

    Tejas Patel

  3. Paul says:

    Best to take that ? to the Lyceum site and the discussions there. It’s

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