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Mark and Rathi McCarthy in Sudan

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Mark and Rathi are in Sudan working for the UN’s Humanitarian Information Centre and for the UN Food Aid respectively. Mark is an ibiblio alum who was here on leave briefly this spring to talk about his work in Darfur. Mark’s mom writes (in a comment on this blog) to let us know that despite the riots in Khartoum, Mark and Rathi are okay. But that Rathi and other UN folks are in their compound in Khartoum and Mark is out of town in Darfur.

Hope to hear more later and hope that it will be good news.

One Response to “Mark and Rathi McCarthy in Sudan”

  1. Simon Spero says:

    I was starting to get a bit worried.
    Glad to hear they’re both ok. If you hear from Mark, tell him that if they need volunteers, and if there’s anything I can do, I’ll be out there on the first plane I can find. Thankfully my new passport has no Israeli visa stamps

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