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I was in a meeting this morning about HDTV over Internet2 and National Lambda Rail with a bunch of folks. Part of the brainstorming was about content for such streams and the various audiences for that content.

The new My Questions app for FaceBook came to my attention during the meeting and I added it to my FaceBook profile. I already have answers, some that might even work.

In case you’re not on FaceBook, here’s a sample:

Paul asks…
If you could program an HDTV show for Internet2-casting, what would it be?

Howard Rheingold:
Docudrama about the life of Descartes and his adventures with the Rosicrucians.
Thomas Vander Wal:
I would really like to see a global music show that goes to the artist, shows their envirtonment, brings their music to life
Jackson Fox:
Besides “The Animated Adventures of LOLCAT?” I’d like to see short-form indie content. Animation in particular.
David Matusiak:
It would probably be “The Money Pit 2″ — the dark side of home renovation.

[more just added]
Paul asks…
If you could program an HDTV show for Internet2-casting, what would it be?

Jimmy Wales:
All Rocketboom, All the Time :)
Mike Conway:
live indy music
Ian Meyer:
Jack Lail:
Zadia Diaz
Chris Liang:
Japanese comedy
Doug Whitfield:
And1 basketball with punk rock/hardcore…maybe some metal in the background instead of the stupid hip-hop stuff
Travis Mason:
The secret lives of cats. Where do they go all day?
Paula Le Dieu:
mm HD – I think I would stay traditional and say natural history. I have seen some great footage of heligimbal captured landscapes that are just gorgeous.

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