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Rules and Charters for Email and #noemail

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Seth Godin's head

Seth Godin's head

Seth Godin reposts his well thought out Email Checklist inviting folks with no clue to get one or two or thirtysix from the list.

36! Yes 36 items on the list! “Before you hit send on that next email, perhaps you should run down this list, just to be sure” Seth, you really don’t expect the folks who commit the minor and major crimes that you describe in the checklist to read this list every time they send a message do you? Before this I thought of Seth as someone who was especially wise and brief and amusing. Down to the last one on this post. Seriously, Seth is always worth a read, but I see unintentional irony in this post.

Chris Anderson of TED

Chris Anderson of TED

Chris Anderson of TED fame (not to be confused with Chris Anderson of Wired and The Long Tail) proposes an Email Charter with an initial 16 points on his UnTweetable: When 140 Characters Is Not Enough blog. Chris has even reserved a URL and put up a holding page at Chris’ final point is “Switch off the computer!”

That’s a nice idea, but better just to go to #noemail If you do that, there are few other rules that you need.

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