The Manolo will diss me for sure. But the prices were right and the styles were err okay and the timing was perfect.

First Tucker and I went to get him some new shoes. I needed some new penny loafers too. I was ready to push the button at the Bass Store when we found a nice pair exactly my size at 1/3 the price right there in U Mall. The downside was they weren’t Bass. They were/are Hush Puppies! Yikes Hush Puppies. The squarest of the square. As in the Jimmy Buffett song “I’ve got my hush-puppies on, / I guess I never was meant for / glitter rock and roll.” But having small feet comes in handy, I can get kids shoes in the right style at a very right price.

Great feeling shoes with no breakin time required. Next comes the cane then the walker…

But from the Manolo angle, things got worse when on Ocracoke.

The weather was great for walking on the beach, but Tucker and I had left our flops at home. I didn’t want to be in the sand in my hiking shoes. Then in the Variety Store, we came up on a barrell of Crocs Knockoffs. A virtual gator farm of black plastic shoes for only $5 a pair. Cheaper than the flops. Who could avoid them at that price? I could wear them twice and toss them if necessary. But the shoes are so damn comfortable that I wore them the whole long weekend. And kept them.


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  1. b. says:

    Don’t knock the Croc.

    I discovered this Halloween that when I spend entire days in the (cement-floored) workshop, the only shoes that save my feet? Those damn crocs. I have two pairs now.

    In fact, I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW.

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