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Our family joke: “He knows so little, yet he says so much” is meant to be a kind of zen koan, an insult at one reading and praise at the next. I get that kind of reaction when I come home and describe the talks and classes I’ve done. This past week was one example of many parts of my life colliding — not so much like legos that might eventually click into place, but like a grab bag of tinkertoys, legos and mechanos.

Not documenting everything by far (skipping Public Health presentations that I was only attending, class which you are welcome to check out, the WCHL community lunch, a dinner with the good INTRAHealth OPEN folks, and a murder mystery solved), but looking at two that have some documentation to present, I spoke at the UNC Law Cyberlaw class about FLOSS licensing — slides below — and at the Society for Collegiate Journalism National Conference at NCSU — great writeup by Tyler Dukes linked from the lovely dog picture below.
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