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The last Ze Frank and .org

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I was in such a panic over the UNC vs MSU game — especially went it was tied up and things were looking tough for the Heels — that I almost let today slide by without a visit to Ze Frank to catch The Show’s final installment. If you are a long time Frank Fan aka SpeedRacer SportsRacer then you will be deeply touched. If you aren’t you need to go back and see enough older shows that you understand why this has been such a great year.

But like Ze says: Go visit his social community and sign up! I see a lot of ibiblians are there already — so’s you’ll be in with the k3w1 p33pz.

7 Responses to “The last Ze Frank and .org”

  1. WillR says:

    1 solid year of top quality content – and I watched pretty much all of it in real time.

    Chicky quack quack.

  2. lne_n8 says:

    That’s SportsRacer.

  3. Paul says:

    Opps! Fixed above. Thanks. This is what I get for being old enough to remember SpeedRacer

  4. From Ze Frank I like the most the video “Punch lesson” about communication.

  5. I like Ze Frank too, great band!

  6. predaj dreva says:

    ze frank has some solid videos

  7. Samsonite says:

    To> predaj dreva and stavebne rezivo.
    Ze Frank is person not a band. And you are what?
    Ze Frank is designer and has great lesson about communication and secret text rules.

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