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The Present of Human Computer Interfaces

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Christian Carlberg at the 2.5-D Table

Not the Future, but Now. You’ve seen some of touch screens in the recent iPhone announcement.

Here’s Jeff Han of NYU at the TED Conference showing a big broad touch screen with gestures in action.

And the Northrop Grumman/Applied Minds TouchTable (several video demos here)

Xeni has a write up of a visit to Applied Minds in Wired that talks about the 2.5 D Terraintable here.

2005 Newsweek story on Danny Hillis and Applied Minds here (from whence the picture at left comes).

I saw a demo of the TerrainTable in 2005 and was very very impressed.

2 Responses to “The Present of Human Computer Interfaces”

  1. Dave says:

    I’ve always found that Jeff Han talk to be one of the more arrogant presentations. In it he mentions the $100 laptop project and says that he “cringes” at the idea that they are making it with the mouse and keyboard interface. Here he is showing off a piece of technology that has lots of flash and cool but, while of unknown price, could not possibly be fit into a computer that aims to be affordable for *everyone*. I’m just not sure how using two hands on a giant monitor is really going to help poor kids in developing countries. Until he explains that, perhaps he should keep his cringing to himself.

  2. Paul says:

    the flat touchtable is over $60K as i recall. i donno what that includes — maps? software? etc. it’s not a personal application/product.

    iphone is a small personal affordable(?) version of the same interface.

    Han should join up with Cringely ;->

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