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The Washington Post has added a boxed section on selected pages that includes the Technorati search results for blogs that link to those pages. The result is that a link to the story about Dylan (below) has put this blog right there on the page to which I refered in my blog entry and on a special “links from blogs on Technorati” page. I’m not complaining since I would have used TrackBacks to that story were they available. In fact, I’m delighted to have this blog show up on Washington Post .com even if we had to go through a odd drive around the net to get to where a trackback would have taken me quickly. The advantage for the Post is that Technorati keeps trackback spam off their site and does a fine job of searching blogs that bother to register at the Technorati site.

UPDATE: By making this post, I was suddenly dropped from the Post box and from the “Links” page! A Technorati search on the Post page shows this page as the most recently updated blog (as of this writing).

UPDATE 2: Now this blog is on the Post page twice! I guess there is a bit of a lag on their Techorati driven search and update.

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  1. coturnix says:

    I’ve seen this happen to me a few times so far, both for WaPo and for NYT (the latter has a separate page, not a list of blogs on the same page where the article is).

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