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Tim Bloggers-Lee?

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Tim Berners-Lee has the beginning of a blog at MIT. In his first post, he reflects on his feelings about how the Web has evolved to include Wikis and blogs. Hidden in a link (well, sorta hidden) is a write up on the first web brower which only ran on the NeXT in the very early 90s. I had one on my NeXT and still have the code on the machine now. Tim came by in 1991 and showed me how to turn his demo page for Hypertext 91 into my own personal page. I’m sad to say that since is gone many historic links have vanished.

2 Responses to “Tim Bloggers-Lee?”

  1. WillR says:

    I still have it on my cube. I also downloaded the heck out of CERN onto flopticals (some via sunsite!) so I might have enough content to recreate some of I’ll have to fire up my box and see if I can read those puppies – it’s only been a decade.

  2. mprove says:

    cool! thanks for preserving and sharing the pages! — back link

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