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After our graduation ceremonies tomorrow, I’ll be off to Dublin (Ohio) to visit the mothership, OCLC for a couple of days.
On my return, I’ll be at the DRIADE Workshop May 2007 “Digital data preservation, sharing, and discovery: Challenges for Small Science Communities in the Digital Era” sponsored by NESCent and the UNC Metadata Research Center on Wednesday.
Then I drive up to the mountains to Asheville for “Living in a City of Bits: digital preservation of our cultural heritage” to be held on Friday.
If you are near any of these places and want to have a cup of coffee, let me know. What to see suggestions always welcomed. I will definitely be visiting this cornfield!

6 Responses to “Travels of Jones”

  1. coturnix says:

    Is DRIADE free, by invitation only? Or could I crash their party?

  2. Paul says:

    Not sure. Check the wiki and see what it says. And/or write Jane Greenberg whose email is there on the wiki. Tell her I sent you.

  3. coturnix says:

    Will do. Thanks.

  4. Simon Spero says:

    Tin soldiers and Paul Jone’s coming.

  5. Paul says:

    No Fred in Ohio.

  6. coturnix says:

    Jane did not respond. I guess I’m too busy to go anyway, but I hope you will blog profusely about it.

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