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Tucker to DJ Sunday on WCOM-LP

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Readers of this blog who seem to be too shy to comment have stopped me and asked “When will Tucker be DJing again.” Fear not, o shy ones! Tucker and his friend Henry G will DJing the DanceJam on Sunday August 20 from 2 pm to 4 pm on WCOM-LP Community Radio 103.5. Yes you can listen online

As someone who plays a lot of 2 Tone music: Specials, English Beat, Selector and Madness, Tucker is disappointed that the upcoming Beat/Specials/Selector show at the Cat’s Cradle on September 26 isn’t an all ages show.

4 Responses to “Tucker to DJ Sunday on WCOM-LP”

  1. Jesse says:

    Paul, Tucker is welcome at the Cradle. I work at the Cat’s Cradle and this is a common misunderstanding. All shows at the Cradle are (all ages). Tucker should get a ticket. It will be a great show. Love your blog.


  2. WillR says:

    I think I still have my old English Beat T-shirt – but I’m sure it won’t fit.

    Unfortunately I’ll be offline 2-4, any chance for a PODCAST DJ TJ?

  3. Paul says:

    No can do podcast of non-podcast friendly music.

  4. WillR says:

    What about a playlist? Once again family entanglements caused me to miss the show. How’d it go?

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