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Wayne and Wax on Mash Ups and IP – This Friday

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Yugen writes to remind me that Wayne and Wax will be in town playing and talking:

What: Wayne Marshall (aka Wayne&Wax) talks about music, mash-ups and intellectual property.
Where: Freedom Forum, Carroll Hall, UNC Campus
When: 3pm Friday, March 24.

Wayne Marshall is an ethnomusicologist and musician from Boston who has written extensively about remixing, mash-up, musical innovation and copyright on his blog and the riddim method. Wayne will be talking about and giving examples of sample-based music including mash-up, and how current intellectual property laws effect the creation and spread of these genres.

DJ C owner of record labels Mashit and Beat Research will be joining Wayne to bring another perspective to the mix.

Wayne and DJ C will also be playing a show at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill on Thursday March 23.

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