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WCHL and RHAT’s Greg deK on BarCampRDU

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WCHL interviewed Red Hat’s Greg deKoenigsberg and some others [mp3] about BarCampRDU. Despite the title “Red Hat offers BarCamp” the story is a good one and Greg never says “hey Red Hat did this conference;” he’s right on top of it being done by volunteers and that Red Hat provided the space — and his help which was greatly appreciated.

I do agree with the textual description “150 of the Triangle‚Äôs brightest computer programmers gathered at the headquarters of software company Red Hat this Saturday.” Boldness added by me.

One Response to “WCHL and RHAT’s Greg deK on BarCampRDU”

  1. d siler says:

    Of course…brightest, as in shiniest – most reflective in the sunlight.

    Thanks for the invite, and for being so kind to Jon Hill; though I wish you’d made him stay for the ‘dancing with girls lesson.”


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