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Woh! How to Who.

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genetic dr who story:

  1. set up a feeling of a certain time
  2. but something is askew
  3. involves aliens who are not friendly
  4. people are disappearing and/or being eaten
  5. enter who and co making witty comments
  6. who crew == around 2.5-3.5 members
  7. team up with a native of that time/place
  8. each who partner discovers a bit of what’s up
  9. who crew confront aliens after near death battle
  10. alien and/or who explain it all in a monologue
  11. battle to the death (again but this time we really mean it)
  12. second monologue to explain the parts left out from last monologue
  13. back to the tardis

5 Responses to “Woh! How to Who.”

  1. tucker says:

    and every other episode’s villain must be part of a fascist hive-mind

  2. Which season are you watching now? I’ve seen just about every scrap of DW still available, including the “found” partial episodes.

  3. Paul says:

    Season two of the new Who with the wonderful David Tennant

  4. PomeRantz says:

    Don’t forget the Doctor’s angst-filled asides about his being the last of the Time Lords and his conflicted feelings about the Daleks. About 1/3rd of the time this is accompanied by the Doctor waxing poetic about Gallifrey.

  5. Paul says:

    Russell Davies and so David Tennant do less of this, Jeff. But they do always drop the words “Torchwood” and “Bad Wolf” in each episode.

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