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Art*o*Mat - -Artists in Cellophane

art*o*mat real machines

Clark Whittington of Winston-Salem, NC, founded Artists in Cellophane and created a new use for old cigarette vending machines. Selling works of art restricted to the size of a pack of cigarettes and refurbishing the machine to become an Art-O-Mat.

Artomat vending machines have been seen in major art institutions, such as the Whitney Museum, New Museum of Contemporary Art NYC, Andy Warhol Museum as well as less famous places but equally important to the goal of bringing art to the masses at a very reasonable price. The tiny paintings and small glass and ceramic works are being sold in two dozen locations from as far afield as Pittsburgh and Cleveland to Texas and New York.

Each machine sells works by about 20 different artists, some of whom make miniature versions of their normal work.

"Snake", malleable cord composed of bread-bowls

Pat Badani - conceptual / interactive art

In the course of an itinerary that embraces Europe and the Americas, Pat Badani develops works that explore concepts related to the production of space, its occupation and its habitation. In the last decade, installation projects articulate notions surrounding the house, the city and the territory. These works integrate various mediums to elicit a multiplicity of readings. Writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video and digital elements, contribute to the creation of a physical and mental space where opposites co-exist in fields of simultaneous interactions.

"R'evolution des particules" oscillates between utopia and dystopia.

"Tower-Tour", a hybrid installation that explores the Myth of the Tower of Babel and its representations, is developed through a period of three years in collaboration with the food industry. It is first exhibited at the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, France in 1997.This same year, her work is included in the group exhibition "Geographiques" at the FRAC et Palazzo Nazionale in Corsica (France), at the side of Richard Long, Peter Fend, Sophie Riestelhueber and other international artists.

art consumed by animals

"R'evolution des particules", an installation-work elaborated over two years at the cross-roads between two texts, the Myth of Creation and Paul Auster's "In the Country of Last Things", is exhibited at the Maison de L'Amerique Latine in Paris in 1994.

She counts with several joint works. In 1994, Pat Badani and Quebec poet Claude Beausoleil co-author an interactive book titled "La mise en songe". In 1998 she collaborates with Zygote Multimedia Productions in the development of a trilingual C.D.ROM titled "Directions-Direcciones" and in 1999 she conducts "Housebroken", a city project in Paris that involved interdisciplinary Art & Science collaborations.

The Journal of New Media and Culture

The Journal of New Media and Culture - technology and culture

In this first issue, NMEDIAC, the new online peer-reviewed Journal of New Media & Culture, offers three teasers of what is to come with regard to new media art: Superstitious Appliances and "in an unrelated sequence comes" by Jason Nelson, and Thomas Swiss/Motomichi Nakamuras poem "Hey Now."

Jennifer Ley, in her introduction to Nelsons work, notes that this authors use of Flash to create new media poems draws us into his own comforter and couch cushion fort of language, symbol, sound and meaning. His work speaks the tongue of people, not trends, fads or fetishes all too customary within online programming communities.

Megan Sapnar familiarizes us with Hey Now by discussing how the aesthetic possibilities of new media poetry are addressed in the tone and inspirations for Swiss/Nakamuras piece. Similarly, the aesthetic and textual issues of new media poetry also emerge in George Hartleys review of Loss Pequeo Glaziers forthcoming book, Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries. Mobility, transitivity, manipulability, interactivity, programmability, hyperactivity, Hartley writes, are the qualities of Glazier's ideal Web poem, a kind of anti-text that moves from context to dystext.

Superstitious Appliances

Jason Nelson

What upsets many traditional readers about hypertext, hypermedia, and e-lit in general is its often slick appearance, code tricks and perhaps most importantly, its lack of closure. Modernism was an important movement in writing and the arts, but we have entered a new century, and recent events have left many readers asking for a bit more than sonal wallpaper from the writers they're willing to read.

Jason Nelson's use of Flash draws us into his own comforter and couch cushion fort of language, symbol, sound and meaning. His work speaks the tongue of people, not trends, fads or fetishes.

It is rare for hypermedia poetry to offer a sense of dramatic fruition, of entry, progression, denouement and closure without strict adherence to one author-driven timeline. When it does, we begin to see what the overused term "interactivity" can mean for e-literature, and why it makes sense for poets to ask their audience to give up the solace of paper for the computer screen.

excerpts from NMEDIAC Contributing Editor Jennifer Ley's article on the art of Jason Nelson

internet history break - Pop Culture, Valentine style

From the archives of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
Volume 2, Number 2 / February 1, 1995

1995 doesn't seem so long ago - but this was when images were new on the web - a 28.8 modem was really fast and people were still browsing to see what this new medium was. One woman reported on the seasonal links that she uncovered (dead link warning - this is history and most of the sites have gone on - but Pigs in Cyberspace remain alive)

My Darling, my Disk Drive

Ah, February. Romance may be in the air, but it's not on the Web. After spending hours searching, the only pages I could find suitable for viewing a deux were: a playground poll on falling in love and a compare and contrast guide to the sexes. Just in case anyone was confused... If you prefer to thumb your nose at Cupid, then you can always curl up to your monitor and check out 101 easy ways to say no brought to you courtesy of Scott Yanoff. Or go out of your way to check out the Pigs in Cyperspace page, featuring the femme fatale for whom the ten-pound box of chocolates was made for, Miss Piggy.

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