R'évolution des particules

Maison de l'Amérique Latine

217 Bd. St. Germain

Paris, France

March 3 - 25, 1994

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Press Release

References to cartography and the building of cities, are used to explore a fictional atlas where context is transformed into metaphor, a poetics that moves beyond the specificity of time and location.

"R'evolution des particules" oscillates between utopia and dystopia. The work springs from the interval between two texts, the Myth of Creation and Paul Auster's "In The Country of Last Things". The first tells the story of the origin of the world and humanity, the second tells the story of gradual disappearance of a city and its people.

Fragments of an order gone awry, find their position in a territory that sets no particular cultural proscenium. Innumerable elements seem to advance, retreat, float, hang, fall connect or disconnect, in a space permeated by transient motion. (1994)

Solo exhibition curated by Anne Husson and J. Leenhardt

A catatalogue accompanies the exhibition

Installation views

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linoleum, wire and metal rods, balls, modelling paste, paper, fabric, electric fans(400x730x300cm)

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The installation is composed of small, sculptural elements that are the result of indefatigable handiwork. This intricate construction plays with representation by moving freely between abstraction and figuration. Hundreds of concave figures

toy gorilla

become livid humanoids that roam through a space that fluctuates between order and chaos. Wall-less habitation units, towers and other improbable constructions made of wire, are linked to each other by a network of threads. A large fabric hangs over the installation and undulates under the wind of small fans attached to the ceiling. The only reference to solidity are a series of globes...worlds? planets?, that are none other than inflatable plastic balls.

Installation view Installation view
Installation view Installation view
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Video stills from "First and Last"

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Works on paper

drawings on paper (104cm x 80cm)

Drawing  Drawing  Drawing

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Excerpt from the introductory text by J. Leenhardt:

Pat Badani appartient à cette famille d'artistes pour lesquels la question de la coherence du monde est devenue es sentielle. Jadis lorsque chaque chose avait une place, et chaque homme aussi la sienne, le monde s'appelait "cosmos". Tout avait sa place dans le grand ensemble qu'un oeil divin saisissait d'un seul regard, cet oeil qu'encore les Lumières plaçaient dans un triangle comme s'il figurait au fronton du temple du savoir. Le monde était ordre....

...De ce bric-à-brac qui constitue desormais notre unique et pauvre manière de nous situer à l'égard de ce qui nous entourne et d'éprouver notre situation dans le monde, pour reprendre le terme qu'affectionnait Jean-Paul Sartre, elle a fait son théatre."...

Exhibition plan

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