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June at ibiblio: Pearl Harbor and World War II

Battleship Row
Remembering Pearl Harbor - Keeping the record straight

Primary Source accounts, photos, maps, photo gallery and data on ships and personnel.
Survivor Accounts | Harbor Overview | Battleship Row | Carrier Row | 1010 Dock | Navy Yard | West Loch | Middle Loch | East Loch | Southeast Loch | Dry Dock No. 1 | Hospital Point | Imperial Japanese Navy |

Remember Pearl Harbor poster
Battleship Shaw exploding

World War II Resources
Pearl Harbor and World WarII

The Pearl Harbor Archives hold more than 5,000 pages of documents, exhibits, and testimonies surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor. Includes a Pearl Harbor Timeline and a section on "The Myths of Pearl Harbor"
The archives include information on all aspects of World War II, both the Pacific and the European theatre, including several full text books, speeches, treaties, an communiques.

A hypertext history of World War II

Pearl Harbor official Action Reports for the attack, histories of the Navy in Hawaii, and cryptologic histories.
An extensive collection of material related to history of the Second World War, completely cross-referenced via hypertext links and enhanced, where appropriate, by various multi-media computer technologies. Including - Policy statements & speeches and Military/Service Histories for US Army, US Navy, US Army Air Forces, US Marine Corps

ibiblio memory archives
Pearl Harbor images

Open Source, downloadable images from the United States National Archives. Includes photographs of the attack, the damage, people and posters.

Soviet archives
U.S. Library of Congress Soviet Archives exhibition

This archive combines narrative with reporductions of original Soviet documents. World War II: Wartime Alliance is devoted to World War II and the Soviet relationship with America during the war years. This documents the uneasy alliance whcih produced the Lend-Lease Program which sent $11 billion in war material to Russia, but also looks at the servcemen who were missing in action and believed to have detained and perished in the Soviet GULAG.

damage at the airfield

last updated: May 31, 2001

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