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Darth Vader graffiti, Oct 2005[work/life update II]

Alas, the Frame Shop Manager position at the art supply place is no more - or wait, maybe they just made me redundant in order to fill the position with someone else? In any event, all conspiracy theories aside, I'm now pounding pavement looking for work in any of the 14 fields with which I have had experience. Fun, fun, fun. [18 June 2007]

[looking for a music performance photographer?]

You should give me a holler. My gallery of music performance has received high praise from the bands, the fans, and has even been used in poster art (kudos to Daniel Shea for seeking me out). So what are you waiting for? That friend with a propensity for taking pictures of your feet? Check out for more information.

Jen Wallwork Dominguez, 2005[images and illusions]

My other website,, is the main host of photography-related galleries and the like. I am still maintaining some galleries here on ibiblio but they will be for more personal items. In addition, the photoblog is alive and upgraded- I am getting better at remembering to update it with greater frequency.


My sad l'il garden that could - in the backyard we now have tomatoes, peppers, basil, corn, sunflowers and lantana. The basil and peppers are still trying to get going - it's been hot as murder here and about as dry - but a recent rainshower should hopefully stimulate some action.

If you get a chance, check out, very cool online resource for organic gardening, urban gardening, and more.

STILL - and indefinitely - in progress: recipes pages, Europe trip(s) review, new stories, new designs, new pictures and ways of displaying them, animal updates, and all that jazz.

In the meantime, enjoy what's here.

[Remnants of homepages of yore.]

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True Stories , Talking Heads

Cupid and Psyche 85 , Scritti Politti

Talking to the Taxman about Poetry
, Billy Bragg

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