p h o t o s.

Many of these pictures were archived/sorted/what have you before the advent of the niftiest of nifty programs, gallery, which allows you to upload pictures and sort in a much easier to view format. Also included is a quick captionator so you, the browser, can see what the hell you're looking at. As the spring of 2003 rolls on I will have migrated all of the below (with the exception of the superheroes and the Mary pictures) or deleted them in the case of some older pictures. If you want to check out the new albums (with more photos available there), you can see it here.

--kelly jo, march 2003

photos from the Superheroes and Supervillains party, at 112 Windsor Circle in August, 1999.

    I took some pictures of my friend Mary several years back. Here they are.
    Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina: The pictures in this directory were taken between 10-23 June at various locations. sc*.* refers to South Carolina; hamlet*.* refers to Hamlet, North Carolina; and ga*.* refers to Georgia. The christchurch*.* series is of Christ Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. [This is slated to be moved in March to the gallery pages]

    Quebec, Canada: Some images from the trip I made August 1996. Separated by city (Montreal or Quebec City). /general/ contains images files that I merely scanned, not photographed. [This is slated to be moved in March to the gallery pages]
    Lafayette, Louisiana - images from Mardi Gras in a small town during February of 1996; as well as photos from the drive back through Mississippi. [This is slated to be moved in March to the gallery pages]
    Russia, 1994 - Most of these pictures were scanned before I really knew that much about scanning, so they may be a little fuzzy. I have been meaning to get around to re-scanning these for a while. So, please forgive the fuzziness round these parts.
    An excursion to Saxapahaw - my first experimentation with taking pictures digitally, everything came out much better than I expected. [This is slated to be deleted in March]
    Moore County, about an hour and a half south of Chapel Hill - taken at different times during the summer of 1996. The directory /nclithalloffame/ has scanned material in it, but no photographs. Along with Moore County, there is Orange County - with some of the most beautiful scenery in North Carolina. Pictures of the NC Writers' Network as well as the White Cross community building. [This is slated to be moved in March to the gallery pages]

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