Research Articles and Essays

Technological Resistance to Censorship in Chinese Cyberspacedownload PDF copy
By Xiaojie Cao

Cybermourning Frames and Collective Memory: Remembering Comedian Robin Williams on download PDF copy
By Kenneth Campbell and Kim Smith

This is what itís like to live in Nunavut: Blogging Practices of Southerners in the Northdownload PDF copy
By Kareena Coelho

Tolerance on Facebook: Exploring Network Diversity and Social Distance download PDF copy
By Lee Farquhar and Theresa Davidson

Gender Stereotypes in Japanese Fighting Games: Effects on identification and immersion download PDF copy
By Rachael Hutchinson

The Promise and Perils of UltraViolet© Technology download PDF copy
By Michael Johnson Jr.

Blogging Ferguson in Black and White download PDF copy
By Douglas Mendenhal

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