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1. What is the Open Source Metadata Framework?
The Open Source Metadata Framework (which will be referred to as the OMF from here on out) is a way to describe data (metadata == data that describes data), namely Open Source documentation. The goal is to establish a framework that describes Open Source documentation, in essence to create a sophisticated card catalogue system of Open Source docs. The incredible thing about the OMF is that it can describe all kinds of documentation, not just specific projects, such as the Linux Documentation Project. In addition, the OMF can be used for projects all over the world, in any format imaginable. It is important to understand that the OMF merely acts as a pointer to various Open Source documentation projects, and does not aim to collect documentation.

2. Well, if the OMF is just pointing to other work, why would I want to use it?
The amount of Open Source documentation scattered all over the web has grown tremendously and various projects exist all over the world. Examples include the Linux documentation project (, the Gnome documentation project ( and the FreeBSD handbook ( The OMF aims to provide a centralized location for searching a variety of different documentation projects to find the right information for a given need. A user can search the OMF, which will then point them to the correct location for the actual documentation that they are looking for, from a variety of different projects.

3. How flexible is the OMF?
One of the chief goals of the project is to make it as flexible as possible, and yet allow the metadata to be shared with anyone who wants it. Metadata stored in the OMF database can describe nearly any kind of resource, be it plain text, audio, video, or formats not yet envisioned. The metadata itself is kept in plain text XML files, which are fully open to the public. Because the metadata is based on XML and Dublin Core standards, it can be used in a variety of applications.

4. I'm an Open Source documentation contributor. How do generate metadata about my project?
The OMF, much like every other documentation project, relies on volunteer contributions. If you are developing Open Source documentation or contributing to a project, please use the template form to generate the necessary metadata about your project. This will allow other users to search for and locate the documentation that you have worked so hard on!

5. How can I join the OMF discussion list?
We have a cgi script that will do this for you automagically. Subscribe

6. I still have questions. Who do I contact to answer them?
You need to talk to the OMF guru, feel free to email this person.

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