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How to Submit Metadata.
There are several ways to submit your metadata to the OMF. The easiest, and most preferred, is to use one of the templates that we've created. These will generate the xmlified metadata using the information that you provide. There are three different versions of the template form that can be used, the plain vanilla, the version history template and the long language template. The plain vanilla should fit most purposes. The version history adds a field to provide version history information about the metadata. The long language template includes just about every language spoken on the planet, if the documentation that your metadata is pointing to is in a language not supported on the vanilla template. Feel free to use the template that best suits your needs.

As an alternative to the templates that we've written, we allow anyone to contribute raw xml files containing the metadata information, provided that the xml files conform to a set of standards. We do this to allow people to write their own scripts if they have a massive amount of metadata they want to submit or if they're feeling particularly masochistic and want to hand code xml. We've made the XML DTD available as well as example metadata. If you don't know what a DTD is, then don't worry about creating your own xml files--just use our templates.

After you've generated your xml metadata files, upload them to where they will be verified and placed into the metadata directory. As it stands right now, there is no process to let you know if your metadata is not compliant. Please check the OMF archive a few days after you have submitted your metadata to see that it did, in fact, pass the test. In the future, we may have some kind of notification feature enabled to let you know that if your xml wasn't verified. This is why we like the templates that we've written--we know they work :)

Updating Existing Metadata
We also have a mechanism in place to update your metadata if anything about it should need changing, such as the location of the documentation that the metadata is pointing to. This is a pretty easy process. It will ask you for a username and password. If you've forgotten these, send e-mail to
. Update your metadata. It will be submitted for verification and then put back into the metadata directory. Easy as pie.

Questions? Comments? Rude remarks? Email them in.

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