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Scrubs up nicely

It's hard to think of cleaning being fun, whether you're watching or doing it. The chore to end all chores, only people afflicted by obsessive compulsive disorder or guilty of some terrible crime can be found cleaning with either relish or vigour.

So deep is our desire to avoid unpleasant chores that advertisers have to work doubly, triply hard to lure customers towards anything that brings them to mind.

Enter Cleaning Hunk and his slimmer, (even) gayer, counterpart Nude Cleaner, both of whom, by flashing a little flesh add a whole lot more fun to the domestic mix. They both know (as do you) that sex sells. Anything.

A-grade soap
Cleaning HunkCleaning hunk is your top-of-the line, premium sex 'n soap site, complete with viral marketing campaign (selling - you guessed it, soap), a website featuring interactive flash movies and real, A-grade American beefcake. Slightly robotic and perhaps a little steroidal, Cleaning Hunk has perfect teeth, sparkling eyes and a slightly anodyne script that titillates briefly until it's time to choose another version with a different soundtrack, outfit, beard and bulge. You won't buy the soap - but you'll definitely send the link to your mates.

Nude Cleaner, on the other hand, features Brazilian beef in the form of a slightly irritating (and clearly very irritated) young steer who blogs in broken English and cleans - yes, in the nude. With a lot of attitude, without any clothes. But it's language that makes this site special. Note, for starters, the choice of "nude" over "naked", and consider.

Adam & Eve, Titian"Naked" evokes vulnerability and subjection, "nude" conjures up images of pensive models in light, airy studios, surrounded by flushed, furtive students with moist (perhaps quivering) upper lips. Despite his broken English, Nude Cleaner's ability to suggest without saying is superb.

He portrays his clients' homes as foreign landscapes that he navigates, appraises and critiques. At no point does he mention the bit he likes least - scrubbing. Those of you who have a maid and spend the day before s/he arrives cleaning will appreciate this; he's able to be a bitch to his clients - "You don't want no chewing gum on settee? Change your friends! - and still get asked back.

It just goes to show - it's still so difficult to find good help, these days.

Check 'em out. Cleaning Hunk, and Nude Cleaner.

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