HTML-writing: outline

These pages are intended to be viewed in conjunction with their source codes. If you do not have a paper handout showing the source code you can view it by going to "view" then "document source" from the Netscape window.

Part one

  1. Basic tags 1 - html, head, title and body.
  2. Basic tags 2 - unformatted text
  3. Basic tags 3 - center, para and break
  4. header tags & font sizes
  5. blockquotes
  6. horizontal rules
  7. Three kinds of lists
  8. A sample using tags so far
  9. Hypertext links

Part two

  1. Using images
  2. Backround colors & text colors
  3. Background images
  4. Tables - as tables
  5. Tables - in page design
  6. A sample page using tables

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