GGI Who's who

The following persons shall be eternally remembered as contributors to The GGI project. May their name (given in no special order) stay carved forever on this humble digital stele. If yours is missing and you think it's unfair, please contact the webmaster.

  • Andreas Beck : Project founder and leader
  • Brian S. Julin : Project leader
  • Christoph Egger : Project leader
  • Eric Faurot : Webmaster, Domain maintainer
  • Marcus Sundberg: Retired project leader
  • Anibal Monsalve Salazar: Debian package maintainer
  • Todd T. Fries : OpenBSD package maintainer
  • Steve Cheng : Retired webmaster, GGI FAQ
  • Steffen Seeger : KGI Project Leader
  • Peter Rosin : Cygwin package maintainer


  • Andrew Apted
  • Cruz Vincent
  • Jon M. Taylor
  • Jason McMullan
  • Rodolphe Ortalo
  • Thomas Tanner
  • Tristan Wibberley
  • Uwe Maurer
  • Willie Daniel


The GGI Project would like to thank the following for donating hardware, specs and/or resources to the project.

Cyrix Corporation

  • Supported the development of the MediaGX driver by providing support, documentation, and hardware

Cyrix Corporation was a leading supplier of innovative microprocessor-based solutions that set new standards for the personal computer market. Its MediaGX[tm] series of processors have ignited a new market category - the sub-$1,000 PC.


  • Donation of an WINNER 2000/AVI 2D/3D accelerator

ELSA GmbH of Aachen, Germany, is a leading developer and manufacturer of PC periphery solutions for computer graphics and data communications.

Stone Microsystems

  • Donation of an Aeon-MSP - PCI MultiScreen Board

Manufacturers and Distributors of Multi-Screen interface cards and Ultra-Thin-client Multiuser Computer Upgrade systems. Stone Microsystems designs, manufactures and markets multiple screen expansion products for PCs. From the low cost monochrome multi-user system to the latest accelerated multi-screen products, all the cards are designed to make better use of the reserve power of a standard Intel-based PC.


  • Donation of a WINNER 2000/Office

Freiburger Linux User Group.