This page shows some examples of applications running on top of GGI on various targets, including a few demonstrations of the way in which the pseudo-targets may be used.


August 2004

Example of running the inputdump program supplied with GGI, using the DirectX target under MSYS/MinGW (in MS Windows). Four different input devices are shown: a keyboard, mouse, steering-wheel/pedals and an advanced joystick.

inputdump on directx

3D Cube

Demonstration of the cube3d demo supplied with GGI. In this case the four vertical sides of the cube are each running XGGI (an X server for GGI) and a Nixterm (a terminal emulator for GGI) is running on the top and bottom. This demo is an extreme example of how GGI applications may be run on different targets - including the sides of a rotating cube! - without recompiling.

This was set up by former project leader Andreas Beck, with the help of this script.

The (in)famous cube3d


A port of id-software's classic game Doom to run on GGI (link available in the games section of our software page). This game does not usually look like the image below however: here a perl script is used to split the display across many different windows (GGI visuals). This can be utilised for simple multi-head display, up to displaying over a video-wall.

Doom targeted at ggi, split over multiple visuals

GGI on iPaq

A photograph of a demo program supplied with GGI running on a Compaq iPaq; GGI also runs on the Sharp Zaurus.

GGI demo running on iPaq