Supported platforms

This page lists the various platforms (operating systems) on which GGI has been known to run.

Note that the platforms on which GGI runs are related, but not tied intimately, with the targets (backends) that are able to be used on those platforms.

Actively-developed platforms

Operating SystemSupported GGI releasesComments
Darwin/MacOSX>= 2.0.2requires Apple X11
FreeBSD>= 2.0
Linux>= 1.0
NetBSD>= 2.0
OpenBSD>= 2.0
Solaris>= 2.0.2
Windows>= 2.1MSYS/MinGW or Cygwin environments are required

Packages are available for a number of these systems; please check the download page for information as to which GGI releases are present on each, and in which operating-system versions. Source releases and snapshots or direct check-outs of CVS code, should work on all the above platforms - otherwise please file a bug.

Additional platforms

We have received reports that GGI also successfully works on:

  • IRIX 6.x (since GGI 2.1)
  • AIX 4.2 (since GGI 2.2, you need to configure with at least --enable-mutexes=builtin LDFLAGS=-Wl,-brtl)
  • GNU Hurd (since GGI 2.2)

If you manage to get GGI to run on a platform not listed above, then please contact us such that we can mention it on this page and incorporate any necessary changes to the source code or build system into the next release.