Borderlines Around the World


Project conducted with "Snake" in various sites in Argentina, Canada, Italy, Spain and France

"Snake" bread-bowls strung onto a cord

By hundreds, small bread bowls baked in a Paris bakery, have been strung onto a rope forming an inert snake with movable joints. From mass, the sculpture became line, both separator and link for the "Borderline" project.


"Snake" was an ongoing project in urban and non-urban spaces around the world. I took the malleable bread sculpture with me and I used it to delineate, separate or unify spaces. I installed a fragment of the bread-cord in various sites. I left it in place until its partial or total disappearance, a process documented through video and photography. These documents and other graphics explore the notion of unstable boundaries. They composed the documentary plate titled "Demarcations" shown in the "Tower-Tour" exhibition.



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