Where are you from?

2002 Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant

Participating in:
New Forms Festival 2004
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 14 - 16

Project in progress by

Pat Badani

"Where are you from?" is a Performance in Public Space and Live Webcast.

The project investigates networked interactions in physical and virtual environments. Transnational stories about a "better life" are broadcast Live on the Internet.

The project explores the public sphere and how broadband technology using the IP protocol within artistic practice, can create a collective time in the present throughout distributed communities.

Timeline :

2005 - Production phase (conducting the event)

2003 - 04 - Pre-production phase (planning the event)

2002 - Research phase (fact gathering about the total environment under research. This phase is complete thanks to a 2002 Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant)

Personal nomadic experience serves as inspiration for "Where are you from?" having lived in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, France, Canada and the United States. "Where are you from?" moves from personal geography to broader cultural scapes. It aims to map the complex configurations of people's quest for a "better life", as a result of information gathered during chance encounters in several world cities.

To this end, I propose to create dialogical situations in a nomadic structure in public spaces (parks and plazas) to electronically gather and disseminate conversations with strangers, transients and migrants. An Internet chat-room will act as another point of assembly.

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