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Project Description
"me & u "
(2005) is an interactive, screen-based installation involving concept research, digital image capture & manipulation, pysical interaction design, software design, motion sensors & microcontrollers.
An individual's animated gaze reacts to the viewer's proximity. Content is reconstituted at the interface level where meaning is a product of interaction and shapes thought. New media, in addition to theories of proxemics and intersubjective non-verbal communication, are used to reference how observer and observed interact with each other and are inextricably linked in the process of making reality.
(Recipient of 2006 ISU Research Grant for project development)


Project Description
"North-South-East-West 5.0"
(2005) I collaborated in a telematic performance initiated by Graham Thompson who, inspired by Aboriginal fire ceremonies, seeks to express the wisdom of the north (Canada). Conducted entirely on the internet using Instant Messenger and captured from the desktop, version 5.0 was a collaborative project involving artists from Ottawa (Graham Thompson), Vancouver (Jeremy Turner), Chicago (Pat Badani) and Tokyo (Fumiaki Murakami) who created ritualistic online fire ceremonies.


Project Description
"Where are you from?_Stories"
(2002 - 2005) explores the Utopian imagination in the world travel and migratory global processes. Notions of belonging articulated through mobility are revealed through 3-language video-clips (English/French/Spanish) with testimonies from citizens-at-large that I have collected since 2002 in several world cities. The clips are hyperlinked to a vocabulary of frequently used words extracted from these archived testimonies. The work is inscribed at the crossroads between ethnographic and documentary practices as well as New Media Forms.
The project was developed under a major 2002 Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant that allowed for international travel and transcultural research. The work and its associated research paper have been presented in international Festivals and Symposiums.

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Project Description
“Where are you from? Where are you going?” _ Chicago Version 2005
is a Video Performance in public space, a one-day Live Event at "Metropolis" in Chicago during which 20 participants contributed 15 minute stories about "home, displacement and notions of a better life." The project represents a sample of opinion-gathering events conducted in several locations, vernacular testimonies archived in the web-based work "Where are you from?_Stories" (project sited above.)

Project Description
"Where are you from?"_Research 2002
In 2002, I was awarded an individual Canada Council Media Arts Research Grant to investigate the convergence of social and technological space in 6 world cities. The project addressed aspects of migration, travel, large-scale connectivity and global processes. I explored the feasibility of conducting Performances in Public Space and Live Webcasts in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Paris. I brought together an interdisciplinary team of collaborators who contributed their expertise; Architects Zoka Skorup, Zola & Stephan Rau, Designers Raoul Adrien, Lotfi Siderahal and Whoo Kiat, IP streaming and networking specialist Martin Chartrand, Psychologist Alexandra Laris, and Event Manager Jane Canepa.
This investigation resulted in a research paper presented in 2 regional colloquia, 3 international Symposiums, and in the web-based work "Where are you from?_Stories" screened in several international new media Festivals.

Project Description
"Home Transfer"
explores changing notions about being @ home. Contemporary nomadism and its effect on memory, place and presence intersect with current practices in architecture and new technologies. A dwelling made of bread and its parasitic invasion is used to reveal the participant's psychological and physiological relationship to home. I establish dialogical, Host/Guest relations between architects and people online.

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