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Cruelles de Ville

Nice Shoppers
Septegenarians peruse antiques in the market at the Cours Soleya, Nice. The furs, diamonds and crocodile- and snake-skin accessories are real, as is the blonde hair (although that may not be their own). I followed these ladies and hid behind an arrangement of clothes to catch them with my zoom lens.

The image screams luxury and decadance, although what it doesn?t convey is the warmth of the day; temperatures on the French Riviera in January can reach the high 60s, which makes it hugely popular destination for the elderly, rich, and rich elderly. So the thick furs are entirely, as they say in those parts, de trop!

They are, I discover later, handling crucifixes. Old vamps, but not vampires, then. One points a taloned finger to a selection shown them by the marketeer.
'Combien?' How much?
'This one?' he replies.
'Non, tous'. No, all of them.

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