The Digital Research Initiative
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

What is the Digital Research Initiative?

This Initiative is designed to provide high-quality online resources about ultilizing new information technologies. The sites created by this effort provide resources on Computing and Internet basics, Internet history, conducting research with online tools, the skills needed to produce high-quality Websites, and many of the new legal and cultural issues raised by new technology. These resources are designed to be as useful as possible by everyone from computer novices to computer hackers.

The Digital Research Initiative is the result of a collaboration of efforts by students of the University of North Carolina's Journalism School, guided by Dr. Debashis Aikat. Specifically, the creation of these resources has been driven by the needs of UNC students in Dr. Aikat's Electronic Information Resources course. Since the beginning of both that course and this project in the fall of 1995, resources have been contributed by Bob Stepno, Eric Chernoff, Michael Manning, Wendy Robinson, Tom Hughes, and Dr. Aikat.

While these resources have been made especially for the students of Dr. Aikat's JOMC 50 course, all interested individuals are welcomed to browse through this site. If you have any comments about these resources, please send them to or


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This site was created especially for students of the UNC School of Journalism's
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