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UNC 101 is an excellent intro to proper web design. Warning: this site is not for bunkmeisters and pansies
The JavaScript Suppository, despite its name, is actually a very painless introduction to the power of JavaScript
BBEdit: It doesn't suck, a barebones introduction to the BareBones text editor.
This Old HomePage is an existentialistic journey into the mind of a spurned, petty and spiteful web developer. Enter at your own risk.
Helpful URLs for Advanced Web Design is a page with more links to instructions for handling advanced Web page design tasks and finding good graphics.
Buttons! lists all the buttons available from the JOMC 50 web account.
The Hard Stuff is a page with links to instructions for handling advanced Web page design feats, such as Frames
Common Errors is a huge site which goes over several common problems and questions concerning creating new web pages
HTML Quick Reference is a page which lists almost every HTML command and its use. A great tool for novice and advanced web designers.
Varying Photo Sizes helps HTML authors work with graphics and graphic sizes on their Web pages.
Pictures on a Web Page goes over the steps involved with adding a picture to a web page and HTML code
Making a web page from nothing is a page which provides a great deal of information, examples and links for people who are teaching themselves how to create web pages. Topics discussed include graphics, frames, HTML, tables and javascript.
How to Create a WWW Storyboard shows you how to make web page planning much easier
Trailer A good example of a storyboard.


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