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Don't Let Libraries Fool You! is designed to help students find there way inside a university library.
Finding Company Information is a page which discusses how to research-out both public and private companies.
Government: The Biggest Resource of Them All is a page which describes how to get the most out of government information services.
The Importance of Information describes why information is so important to our society as well as what exactly the concept of information is.
The Importance of Keywords is a site that discusses how to use keywords to get the best possible information from electronic info sources.
The Library of Congress is a comprehensive site that discusses the legacy of our nation's oldest and most famous library.
Homework Help is a page of links to Websites that offer help with schoolwork for students of all ages.
Online Citation Style Guide is a page which provides a clear, consistent style for citing electronic info sources (i.e. Websites, Lexis-Nexis, CD-ROMs) as well as print resources. 
Homosexuality on the Web links to sites of interest to gay men, bisexuals, and lesbians in the nation and especially in North Carolina.
Intelligent Agents is a guide to what WWW bots are and where to find them. 
Cheating on the Web has links to sites which offer illegal help with term papers and exams. 
Useful Web Sites is a page of links to useful places on the Web, such as online dictionaries, news services, internet tools, maps and more. 
Minorities and the WWW discusses with examples some issues concerning minorities' use of the Internet. 


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