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The Year 2000 Bug discusses the bug in many mainframe computers which may cause a societal meltdown on New Year's Day 2000.
Internet Controversies is a collection of mirrors of other web sites which cause great controversy.
Copyright Issues on the Internet is a site presents examples of some of the legal issues which have arisen in New Media.
A Journey into Cyberspace is a site offers links to information about William Gibson, the author who coined the term "cyberspace," as well as other information about the term itself.
The Evolution of Computers discusses the history of computing.
Deb's Gate is a gateway to five spectacular mirrored sites which will educate you about the Heaven's Gate cult's use of the World Wide Web.
Homosexuality on the Web links to sites of interest to gay men, bisexuals, and lesbians in the nation and especially in North Carolina.
Help! We've Been Hacked! discusses and gives examples of major web pages which have been "hacked" by outsiders.
Internet History is a great resource for learning about the pioneers of the Internet and important events in Internet history.
Trademark Wars on the Web is a collection of information and site mirrors pertaining to conflicts over the copyright laws and the World Wide Web.
Technoprophets is a site with resources by and about individuals who "were ahead of their time."
Internet Success Stories is a collection of information about commericial web sites which have done particularly well.
The Netscape Browser's story and history.
Yahoo! is a page which provides interesting links about history about Yahoo!


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