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  • Garden State Scholastic Press Association

    A compendium of useful links and online resources organized into convenient categories covering the spectrum of issues relevant to journalism education and school publications.

  • Association of Texas Photography Instructors

    This vibrant organization makes available Bradley Wilson's complete, self-contained and amazing photojournalism curriculum, and several other photo-j aids. Membership is not required to access these resources (but membership does offer further perks, and is not limited to Texans).

  • Texas Association of Journalism Instructors

    They say that everything is bigger in Texas, so it's no surprise that you can spend days browsing through the PowerPoints Library and the Library of Teaching Materials. Find everything from a slideshow on the First Amendment, to the equipment checkout log.

  • Bradley Wilson's handouts

    NCSU's Bradley Wilson shares some of his beautifully designed resources on a variety of topics pertinent to high school and college journalism including design and typography, media law/ethics, photojournalism and Soundslides.